Caitlyn Hall and Justice Wooden make up the Charleston Dance Center Class of 2021. These two dancers have had an incredible impact on the studio and their fellow dancers.

Next year, Caitlyn will attend the University of South Carolina as a double major in exercise science and dance (with a concentration in performance and choreography). She got her first taste of choreographing at Charleston County School of the Arts, and when choreographed her last competition solo. Read more about that experience.

Justice earned a full scholarship to The Glorya Kaufmann School of Dance at the University of Southern California. While in LA, he plans to immerse himself in the dance community and further his training with people he has met through dance conventions. Read more about the scholarships Justice earned through dance conventions.

Congratulations to the Charleston Dance Center Class of 2021!

What is your favorite Just Dance memory?

Caitlyn: Recital and nationals with the whole team is definitely my favorite memory. During recital we are all just really excited to share with family and friends what we have been working on all year, and we usually have dances that are back-to-back so running around and all the quick changes is always an adrenaline rush. Also each year at nationals my mom organizes where the senior team is staying and we have the best time together.

Justice: My favorite memory would have to the Charleston Dance Center Year End Performance afterparty 2019 because we played laser tag and got to hang out as a family after a long year filled with dancing.

What is your most embarassing Just Dance memory? 

Caitlyn: Probably like four years ago, the senior team was sitting onstage at Kids Artistic Review (KAR) Nationals waiting for awards to start and we were playing a game. Something happened and it made me laugh so hard that I peed on the stage.

Justice: That would have to be Starpower Nationals 2019 when I couldn’t find the entrance to the wings, so when they announced my solo, I walked on the stage and found my starting spot in the corner, and waited until they played my song. Its on video and its very embarrassing watching it back. 

What is your advice for younger dancers?

Caitlyn: My advice to younger dancers would be to take it seriously, but remember why you dance. Usually we start dancing just because it brings us pure enjoyment, so don’t let that feeling fade away. Dancing in the studio and going to competitions won’t last forever, so be present in the moment and always try to have fun (even in the boring classes lol).

Justice: My advice to JD minis would be to enjoy dancing with friends and to keep working hard. My advice to JD juniors would be to start looking at inspirational dance videos or dancers that you look up to!  In the junior company, its a period of time where you grow a lot, and if you work hard and do your research, your inspiration alone can make you a stronger dancer. 

What is your favorite costume?

Caitlyn: My favorite costume would have to be Check On It. It was a really pretty blue color and it was just a simple bra top and briefs, but it had little detailing on it and I thought it was really cute.

Justice: My favorite costume would have to be Upgrade because of the bow tie. I feel like I wear the same thing a lot so getting to spice it up with a bow tie was fun! 

What was your least favorite costume?

Caitlyn: My least favorite costume was definitely Freak Like Me. That was my first season on team and I came in the middle of the year, so I was added late. But it was a black and white checkered dress with puffed sleeves and we had to wear these creepy doll-looking masks the entire time. It was really hard to breathe, but also the masks were very cheesy.

Justice: My least favorite costume would definitely be Rouge because I always have to find someone to pin the jacket down before we go on stage. 

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