8 Reasons to Take Adult Dance Classes

It is widely known that dance is great for overall health – no matter your age! Maybe you danced when you were younger and then life happened. Or maybe you recently graduated from high school and want to continue your training. Charleston Dance Center adult dance classes are perfect for anyone who has previously taken a dance class. These are not advanced classes, but they are also not designed for brand new dancers.

Here are 8 reasons you should join our adult dance classes:

1. Dancing helps you stay in shape! Dancing is an endurance-builder and is just as good for you as cycling and jogging. It helps with your upper-body strength and strengthens your core muscles. Studies find that dance can improve physical performance and increase energy in adults.

2. Dancing helps to boost your memory. Think of dance combos like those brain game apps on your phone. Only instead of sitting on your couch, you are fine tuning your muscles… and memory!

3. Dancing improves your flexibility and reduces stiffness. It eases joint pain throughout your body and strengthens bones and muscles. Your range of motion will improve and you will have an easier time moving your shoulders, arms and back.

4. Dancing reduces stress and increases your self-esteem and confidence. Physical activity produce endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers), which help to reduce stress. Plus, as you watch yourself become more graceful, you will gain a better appreciation and respect for your body, which will result in a healthier body image.

5. Dancing gives you better balance. Good posture is required for dancing and dancing helps you stabilize and gain better control of your body.

6. Dance class gives you the perfect opportunity to make new friends and socialize. Being socially engaged leads to increased happiness, reduces stress, and gives you a strong immune system.

7. Dancing can make you feel more creative on a regular basis. It is a way to express your personality and emotions, increase confidence, and to learn new things.

Take the leap and join Charleston Dance Center faculty for an adult jazz and/or hip hop class. You’ll be glad you did!

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