Ignite Dance Convention: A Weekend of Excellence and Artistry

Just Dance Collective Team group photo at Ignite Convention October 2023.

Over this past weekend, our Just Dance! Collective Team (as well as a dancer from our Mini Mini Team) attended their first convention of the 23-24 season in Summerville, SC: Ignite Dance Competition.

Jam Packed Days of Versatile Training

The dance floor ignited with a burst of energy as our dancers immersed themselves in a whirlwind of convention classes, guided by remarkable instructors spanning various genres and specialties:

• Jazz
• Hip Hop
• Contemporary
• Lyrical

• Improv
• Jumps, Turns, + Leaps
• Latin Jazz
• Modern Fusion

I liked (the convention) because it was really fun and I learned a lot of new things!

Dancer Recognition with Instructor-Provided Awards

In the spotlight of this exhilarating weekend, the convention instructors were keeping a watchful eye on our talented dancers. On Sunday afternoon, the moment of recognition arrived as awards were presented to those who had really stood out.

Some dancers received “Standout” awards for excelling in specific classes or styles, highlighting their exceptional talent. Meanwhile, the prestigious “Artist on Fire” awards were given to dancers who had caught the attention of more than four instructors, truly shining in the spotlight.

The Charleston Dance Center was brimming with pride as many of our Just Dance! dancers were celebrated for their incredible dedication and hard work.

“Standout” Award Recipients:

• Mya Burke
• Lula Leasor
• Adalyn Stewart
• Brayah white
• Olivia Porter
• Faith Tranchida
• Heidi Helms
• Reese West

“Artist on Fire” Award Recipients:

• Avery Stanley
• Brynlee White
• Mya Burke
• Kierra Davis

Our dancers have not only ignited the dance floor but have also inspired us all with their passion, dedication, and exceptional talents.

four dancers sleeping on the convention center floor and chairs during their lunch break from dance classes.

As we reflect on this incredible weekend, complete with impromptu lobby floor siestas we eagerly anticipate more inspiring moments and breathtaking performances in the 23-24 season.

Stay tuned for more dance magic, more stories, and more excellence from the Charleston Dance Center and Just Dance!