Just Dance! Shines at NYCDA, Nashville.

Outstanding Dancers, Stellar Performances, and Showcase Triumphs for Just Dancers at NYCDA Nashville.

Over this past weekend, a group of Just Dancers kicked off their holiday break by attending the New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA) Competition & Convention in Nashville, TN.

From convention classes to solo performances, the dancers showcased their incredible talent, earning scholarships and accolades that made their mark.

Solo Triumphs

Mini Top 20

The Mini Solo category saw remarkable performances from the Charleston Dance Center dancers, with three standouts making it to the Top 20! Jaimi secured the 15th spot, while Avalyn claimed the 8th position. Brynlee’s exceptional performance secured her the 6th position!

Junior Top 20

Blais earned the 11th spot in the Top 20 Junior category!

Outstanding Dancer Finalists

The acknowledgment extended beyond that, with several dancers from Just Dance! being honored as Outstanding Dancers. In a distinctive feature of NYCDA, the scholarship process unfolds in stages: Finalist, Runner-Up, and ultimately Winner. We were elated to witness multiple dancers secure positions in the running!

Mini Outstanding Dancers:

Finalist: Evelyn G.

Runner-Up: Jaimi I.

Junior Outstanding Dancers:

Finalist: Peyton P.

Runner-Up: Hayden Q.

Winner: Blais L.

Teen Outstanding Dancer:

Runner-Up: Lorelei L.

Class Stand Out & Special Recognition Awards

Class Scholarships

Dancers who earn class scholarships receive a Regional Convention Scholarship. Jaimi was recognized with the Class Stand Out Scholarship in Tap. Additionally, Hayden was recognized in Hip Hop class.

Rising Star Recognition

Each weekend, the NYCDA Faculty each selects one “Rising Star” dancer- acknowledging the dancer that demonstrates talent, potential, hard work, and a joyful attitude in class. The Rising Star award consists of a $200 scholarship for one of the NYCDA Intensives. Hayden was selected to receive this award from Suzi Taylor.

Future Star Award

Awarded for her outstanding potential, Evelyn received a Regional Convention Scholarship by being named a “Future Star”.

Summer Intensive Scholarships


Junior dancer, Peyton, secured an auto-acceptance to Steps On Broadway dance Intensives.

Partial Cost Scholarship

Both Hayden (junior) and Lorelei (teen) earned a $500 scholarship to join Steps on Broadway summer dance intensives.

Ballet Summer Intensive

NYCDA partners with NYC’s BALLET HISPANICO to offer a scholarship to Hispanico’s Summer Intensive. Hayden was selected for this award for their Junior Intensive.