Just Dance! Company Results: 2020 NYCDA Nationals

The 2020 New York City Dance Alliance Nationals experience was very different in 2020. The event, normally held in the heart of New York City, was a virtual-only competition and convention. But, it was still a great experience for Just Dance! Read about our experience in NYC at 2019 NYCDA Nationals.

A key part of NYCDA Nationals is the opportunity for dancers to audition for college scholarships and industry events. Justice Wooden earned scholarships to five colleges and two summer intensive programs: Alvin Ailey and Steps on Broadway.

Just Dance! only submitted three group dances as part of the competition and “Mother,” a mini contemporary large group choreographed by Landon Monroe was one of just six mini dances recognized as a Mini Critics’ Choice Finalist!

Many Just Dancers competed in NYCDA’s Outstanding Dancer competition. To be part of the National Outstanding Dancer competition, dancers had to be named an Outstanding Dancer runner-up at a regional convention. Then, during Nationals, they participate in many Outstanding Dancer-only auditions and rehearsals. Just Dancers spent HOURS at the studio rehearsing and filming for the Outstanding Dancer competition.

Lana Baird was one of the top 25 teen female Outstanding Dancer Runners-Up!

Several soloists also placed at the top of their age groups:

Mini: Blais Lingle (17th overall)

Teen: Justice Wooden (23rd overall), Addison Adams (28th overall), Savannah Rose (29th overall), Lana Baird (30th overall)

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