Just Dance! Intrigue Dance Intensive

Charleston Dance Team Awards and Scholarships at Regional Competition

Over the recent long holiday weekend, the talented dancers from Just Dance! dedicated their time to the Intrigue Dance Intensive in Spartanburg, SC.

The event, featuring convention classes and solo performances, turned out to be a showcase of exceptional talent, with our dancers leaving a lasting impression and garnering well-deserved scholarships and accolades.

Solo Triumphs

Intrigue’s scoring system has 6 rankings: Bronze, Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum, and True Artist. All entries are adjudicated by three judges, and each judge scores on a basis of 1 to 100 points. The combined score of all three judges is the total score. Dances awarded a Platinum earned a total of 276 – 290.99 points, while the highest earning is True Artist (291-300 points).

Mini Category

In the mini category, Avalyn flawlessly represented Just Dance! with her solo performance titled “Mirrors.” Her outstanding presentation earned her a coveted “True Artist” level award, securing the 5th place overall for mini solos. Notably, Avalyn also received a specialized judge’s award, recognizing her exceptional “Control and Grace.”


Moving into the junior age range, Jaimi, Kensley, Ashley, and Lucia each achieved Platinums for their remarkable performances. Peyton and Blais reached the pinnacle with the esteemed “True Artist” ranking. Moreover, Peyton’s emotive performance of “Exit in Darkness” secured the 3rd place among the Top 3 Junior Contemporary Solos.

Junior Solos Top 10

Blais claimed the 10th spot with “Little Green Apples,” and Peyton earned the 9th spot with “Exit in Darkness.”

Junior Judge’s Award

Jaimi wow-ed the judges and was awarded the standout “Powerhouse Award” for her solo, “Miss You Much”


In the teen category, Savannah and Lorelei earned Platinum for their solos, while Raelyn and Annalise’s performances achieved the prestigious “True Artist” rankings. Annalise’s exceptional technique was further acknowledged with the standout Judge’s Award of the “Technician Award.”

Annalise secured the 9th spot, and Raelyn the 7th spot in the Top 10 Teen Solos.

Unique Opportunities: Improv & Imagination

The competition at Intrigue also featured an exciting Improv category, allowing dancers to showcase their spontaneity on stage. We applaud the courage of our dancers who participated in this challenge. A special congratulations to Lorelei for earning the impressive 4th Runner-Up in the Teen Improv category!

Additionally, Intrigue introduced the Imagination: Young Choreography Competition, providing young dancers aged 13-21 with the chance to choreograph and design their set. Lorelei, one of our own rising stars, presented her self-choreographed piece titled “Strange” in this competition. Her skillfully executed routine earned her the well-deserved title of 1st Runner-Up.

In reflecting on her opportunity to compete Lorelei’s choreography, Kensley (featured on left) shared, “it was a great experience to perform a piece hand made by a young soul and I feel like myself, Raelyn, Annalise, and Lorelei performed it to it’s full potential.”

Class Scholarships

Single Convention Scholarship

Avalyn earned a scholarship to attend the next regional Intrigue convention classes for free.

Year Convention Scholarship

Annalise and Jaimi earned unlimited free classes at Intrigue regional events for 1 year.

Full National Scholarship

Raelyn earned free convention tuition to Intrigue 2024 Nationals in Orlando, FL.

NEOVATE Scholarship

Three of our dancers earned scholarships to attend NEOVATE, a four day Collaborative Choreography Experience in Orlando, FL. We were ecstatic to see Savannah, Blais, and Kensley earn scholarships to NEONATE.

True Performer Runner-Up

True Performer is the highest scholarship award at Intrigue regionals, for Teen and Senior age divisions. Lorelei was awarded the True Performer Runner Up scholarship, earning free tuition to regional and national Intrigue events for 1 year, and automatic qualification for the National Title Competition.

Apprentice Scholarship

As the highest scholarship for Mini and Juniors, at Intrigue, we were beyond proud that Peyton earned this prestigious award! As the Junior Apprentice, Peyton earned unlimited free classes for the next year, the opportunity to compete in Title Finals at Nationals, and the opportunity to become an Intrigue Assistant for the following season!