Just Dance! Results: Groove Dance Competition 2022

Just Dance! Collective and Mini Mini Teams kicked off their 2022 season at Groove Dance Competition Charleston regionals.

We are thrilled that ALL of our group dances earned first place in their category (style of dance)! Plus, three group dances took first overall in the competition! Caroline Harkins, Faith Tranchida, Jenna Huser, and Maggie Bednarczyk earned Groove Convention Scholarships, which covers a percentage of the convention entry fee. Read why we love conventions!

At Groove, dancers are placed into competitive levels (novice, intermediate, competitive) based on the number of hours per week they dance. with novice being the least amount of hours danced and competitive being the highest. The Mini Mini Team danced in the novice competitive level, Collective danced in the intermediate level, and Company members competed in the competitive level.

Top Score Groups

Mini Novice Large Group: Cafe Parfait (1st in category, 1st overall)

Junior Intermediate Small Group: Lands (1st in category, 6th overall)

Junior Intermediate Large Group: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (1st in category, 1st overall), Oh So Quiet (1st in category, 3rd overall), Brooklyn Bounce (1st in category, 5th overall)

Junior Intermediate Line: Shake (1st in category, 1st overall)

Teen Intermediate Small Group: Miss Kiss (1st in category, 2nd overall)

Top Score Solos

Mini Novice: Avery Stanley (1st in category, 1st overall), Avalyn Camilo (2nd in category, 3rd overall), Chelsea Miller (2nd in category, 4th overall), Mia Jernigan (1st in category)

Mini Competitive: Evelyn Green (1st in category, 1st overally), Taylor Simmons (2nd in category)

Petite Novice: Madison Stanley (1st in category, 2nd overall)

Petite Competitive: Jaimi Ingram (1st in category, 1st overall), Lily Gangway (1st in category, 2nd overall), Addison McIlwain (2nd in category, 3rd overall), Lucia Spann (2nd in category)

Junior Intermediate: Caroline Harkins (2nd in category, 7th overall, convention scholarship), Caitlyn Burn (1st in category, 9th overall), Irelyn Addis and Sullivan Wood (2nd in category)

Junior Competitive: Lawson Walasek (9th overall)

Teen Intermediate: Jenna Huser (1st in category, 2nd overall), Faith Tranchida (2nd in category, 4th overall), Reagan Ziebell (6th overall), Ava Cassidy (1st in category)

Teen Competitive: Maggie Bednarczyk (4th overall)

Judges Awards

Mini Competitive: Taylor Simmons (Firecracker)

Intermediate Junior: Emma Amman (Strength), Sullivan Wood (Firecracker)

Categories: All