Preparing for the Dance Year End Performance

I. Plan Ahead for the Weekend

Adult Supervision Required

Every dancer under 16 must have a parent or adult present for both the dress rehearsal and the performance. This ensures they have the support they need and are well taken care of.

Review the Schedule

Dress Rehearsal | Friday, June 14th

Arrive by 4:30 pm; rehearsal starts at 5:00 pm.

Year End Performance | Saturday, June 15th

Matinee Show: 1:00 pm (Arrive by 11:00 am; theatre opens at 12:00 pm)
Evening Show: 6:00 pm (Arrive by 4:30 pm; theatre opens at 5:00 pm with a pre-show)

Review Venue/Performance Policies

No Outside Food/Drinks

The venue does not allow food or beverages to be brought inside. Concessions will be available, and food and drink are only permitted in the lobby area. We understand that it is a long day, so if you choose to pack your dancer a snack, please be considerate of trash and other’s allergies.

No Video/Flash Photography

Video cameras and flash photography are not allowed during the performance. Parents can video during dress and tech rehearsals.

II. Costume Check

Label Everything

Ensure every piece of your child’s costume, including accessories and shoes, has their name on it.


Double-check that all pieces of the costume and accessories are present and in good condition. Contact the studio immediately if anything is missing.

Storage Tips

Hang costumes properly and store accessories in labeled ziplock bags attached to the hangers.

III. Be Prepared with Tickets & Recital Gifts

Purchase Tickets in Advance

Ensure your friends and family have their tickets ahead of time. Tickets are currently onsite exclusively online at Tututix.

Order Recital Gifts

We offer recital gifts for your dancer(s). Forms will be available at the studio prior to the show for pre-ordering. Pre-ordered items will be ready for pick-up in the theater lobby on performance day. Note that supplies are limited and may not be available for purchase at the show.

IV. Pack the Essentials

Cooler with Water & Simple Snacks

While food and beverages are not allowed inside the venue, you can pack a small cooler with water and simple snacks to keep your dancer hydrated and fueled. Please ensure these are allergy-friendly and can be eaten quickly and neatly.

Occupy Time

Bring a handheld game, coloring book, or crayons to keep your child occupied as they must remain in their designated dressing room before and after they perform.

Extra Tights

Pack an extra pair of tights in case of any last-minute runs or tears.

Essential Supplies

Pack bandaids, extra hair supplies, hair spray, safety pins, etc.

V. Take Care of Health

Rest & Nutrition

Ensure your dancer gets plenty of rest, eats nutritious meals, and stays hydrated during the week leading up to the performance.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Keep your dancer out of the sun to avoid any potential sunburns or exhaustion.

VI. Practice at Home

Encourage Routine Practice

Have your dancer practice their routines at home to build confidence and ensure they remember all their steps.

Hair & Make-Up Trial

Practice the required hair and makeup styles beforehand so that you can perfect the look and make the process quicker on the day of the performance.

VII. Be Prompt & Ready

On Time Arrival

Make sure to arrive at the designated times to allow your child to get settled and dressed without any rush. Being on time helps reduce stress and ensures a smooth performance.

Confidence is Key

Encourage your dancer to believe in themselves and have fun. Remind them that they’ve worked hard and are ready to shine.

Final Preparations

Double-check everything the night before—costumes, tickets, arrival times—so you can have a stress-free and enjoyable performance day.