2018 Award Winners and Dancers of the Year

Every year Charleston Dance Center faculty and students vote to determine award winners.

The following awards were determined by Charleston Dance Center faculty:

Most Improved: Ainsley Register

Ainsley has greatly matured in her dancing this year. She has improved technically, but we also see her starting to develop as an older, more mature dancer.

110% Award: Faith Tranchida

Faith is always happy to be at the studio and as a teacher it makes you excited to have a kid who is so excited to learn. We wanted Faith to hear how amazing we think she is and how much we appreciate her as a member of our studio.

Director’s Choice: Alden and Glynn King

Alden and Glynn took their very first pre-school class at Charleston Dance Center and have been here ever since. They both graduated from high school this year and will be attending the College of Charleston in the future. They are going to be really missed in the studio. They’re talented dancers, but they’re also very fun people to be around. We all have many of amazing memories through their childhood.

The following Dancer of the Year winners are always voted by company members:

Dancer of the Year isn’t necessarily the best dancer, but it is the best presentation of a good team dancer. The Dancer of the Year is always positive, keeps the team motivated and is kind to teammates.

Mini Company Dancer of the Year: Olivia Whetzel

Olivia is always a hard worker, always prepared and lends a helping hand. This year she was one of the older kids in the company and she stepped up to demonstrate and lead. She does that in a very friendly and polite way so her teammates respect what she has to say.

Petite Company Dancer of the Year: Faith Tranchida

The faculty had already selected Faith for the 110% award when her teammates chose her as Dancer of the Year. She is clearly very deserving. She walks in every day with a smile and ready to dance and always gives her all. She truly brings light into the room.

Junior Company Dancer of the Year: Anya Hutchins

Anya was named Dancer of the Year for the second year in a row. She is very mature and focused in the classroom and that is one of the reasons her teammates look up to her. She is a voice of reason and is level-headed.

Senior Company Dancer of the Year: Abby Haynes

There are so many talented dancers in the senior company, so it really means a lot for all her her peers to recognize her. Plus, Abby graduated from high school this year and is headed to University of New York. This is a great way for Abby to leave the studio.