Life Lessons We Learned From Dance

In every dance class, students are learning much more than just technique and combos. They’re learning valuable life lessons that are going to make them successful in all aspects of their lives.

Just Dance! senior company members share some of the life lessons they’ve learned at Charleston Dance Center.

seniors-11. Your success depends on you.

It’s hard to go to dance class Every. Single. Day. But, we’ve all learned the hard way that skipping class isn’t worth it. And you can’t just show up. You have to show up ready to do whatever it takes to make yourself better – as Macy says, that means outdancing your friends. This self-motivation or self-discipline is something college professors and future bosses will notice.

2. Corrections aren’t criticism.

It’s easy to take corrections personally and beat yourself up – or get mad at the person offering the correction. In dance class, you know your teacher has your best interest at heart, so you can just listen, say thank you and learn. Now repeat in all aspects of your life and you’re all set!

3. The difference between confidence and cockiness.

“Being humble is one of the things our teachers stress the most,” Jade says. “They don’t want us to be an annoying cocky studio. We always try to say something positive to the dancers who are backstage with us and I make a point to do that in other situations – like at school.”

4. Everyone is not a winner.

Nothing is more humbling than a dance audition. There aren’t many places where you are told you’re not good enough in front of a full room of people. And EVERY dancer has been there. Learning how to handle rejection at a young age is great preparation for life – it’s a skill most non-dancers are still working on.

5. Pandora can’t categorize my taste in music.

Glynn says, “My musical taste has definitely evolved because of dance. There are so many new songs and artists that I heard during a class, convention or competition. Thanks to Ms. Buffi, I’m pretty sure I know every 1980s song by heart!”

6. How to get along with everyone.

There are all kinds of personalities in dance – quiet kids, drama queens, perfectionists – and dancers are often switching teams. But, everyone has to work together. Alex says all of this has helped her to make friends more easily and to be more open with her friendships.

7. Keep going no matter what.

Every dancer has forgotten the next count, messed up a turn sequence, or fallen… on stage. And every dancer knows it’s all about how you recover – with confidence and a smile. That will take you far in life.