Meet Our 2nd Generation Dancers

You could say it runs in the family.

Many of the students we taught years ago are returning to Charleston Dance Center – this time as parents.

buffi-logan“There was no question of where to send my daughters when they were ready to start taking classes,” says Caroline (Perryclear) Walasek.

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As a high schooler, Caroline Walasek was a member of the very first Just Dance! company when it was founded in 2000… now her daughters Logan and Lawson are team members.

“Growing up dancing for Buffi (Wade) and then alongside her after high school – I was able to witness firsthand the heart and dedication she has for teaching dance. I give her all the credit for my success as a professional dancer. She pushed me to be better and have more confidence, and without that, I would have never accomplished and followed my dreams.”

Caroline (Smith) Adams grew up in the ballet world, but in high school joined the James Island High School Raves dance team when Buffi was coaching.

lindsey-addison“My daughter Addison took her first ballet class at another studio and didn’t love it. I wasn’t willing to give up on dance, so I brought her to Buffi. She has been a Just Dance! company member for five years and I’ve watched her become an amazing little dancer.”

Caroline Adams says she’s loved watching both Buffi and the studio evolve.

“Buffi purposely keeps the old school from her own training – I can see that in what Addison is doing. But, it’s been interesting to watch her build this strong competition team. And I can’t say enough about the influence and impact that Lindsey (Gentry) brings to the studio.”

So, while many things have changed since Charleston Dance Center was founded in 1999, one thing has stayed the same.

“I love the sense of family and closeness between the dancers and the teachers,“ Caroline Walasek says.