Advice from Just Dance! Alumni

Hindsight is 20/20.

Since our Charleston Dance Center and Just Dance! alumni have “been there and done that,” we asked them to look back and share their advice for younger dancers.

“I wish I would have realized I was probably my biggest critic. Have confidence in what you do and don’t always compare yourself to others.” – Paige Mixon

“You can have it all – good grades, social life, and strong dancing – as long as you are willing to work hard for it. – Laila Teseniar

“Dance is supposed to be fun, and when you have fun and forget about everyone else, that’s when the people watching you have the most fun too!” – Derwin Simpson

“Advice I would give to younger dancers is to keep pushing yourself. Challenge yourself and take risks. Looking back at it, honestly everything happens for a reason. But I wish I took more advantage of the opportunities that I saw and/or heard of.” – Kedrick Pasley

That includes optional conventions, local auditions and even opportunities in college.

“Something I wish I would’ve known – it all goes by soooo fast. I know it sounds cliché but it’s the truth.” – Laila

So, where are these alumni now?

Paige graduated from the University of South Carolina and is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology from The Citadel.

Laila is attending Columbia College and teaching dance classes at a nearby studio.

Derwin is loving life at Clemson University.

Kedrick is dancing professionally at Walt Disney World, after graduating from S.C. State University.

We think a big part of their success can be attributed to their dance training. Read Life Lessons We Learned From Dance.